The subject of cold is large and extensive

In today’s society we need cooling for a wide variety of reasons.

We build properties that are more energy efficient and we often need air conditioning to meeting rooms, offices, reception areas and other facilities where people work or reside. Labour Inspectorate writes: ” The Labour Inspection Authority recommends that the temperature is kept below 22 degrees C when there is light indoor work, during periods of heating demand. Temperatures below 19 degrees or above 26 degrees should be avoided”

It is often installed machinery that cools the water in such properties. The water circulates around in the building to fan-coils, or to the ventilation system.

Many items in the supermarket needs the right temperature. The products need the right temperature for them to have the right quality when they come home to our refrigerators and freezers.

The transport industry need cooling and freezing systems in the vehicles to transport the product at the correct temperature.

Almost all new cars today usually have air conditioning, which is unlikely to be selected out when buying a new car in today’s society.

We also need air conditioning in computer rooms and computer centers. This can often be air conditioning systems with large effects in terms of room size. Components are becoming faster and more compact, resulting in higher heat output. At the same time as the heat output increases, the components have high standards of air temperature and humidity. The air should neither be too dry or too humid, refrigeration systems designed for computer rooms can be equipped with a humidifier.

Cooling systems, freezers, air conditioning, heat pumps and chilled water is gaining space in the community!

Good luck with your or your new refrigeration systems!